Blazers Through Time: Empowerment and Elegance

Blazers Through Time: Empowerment and Elegance

By Vera Cox

The history of fashion is a captivating journey through time, and within its folds, the blazer emerges as an enduring symbol of versatility, empowerment, and timeless elegance.

In 1885, Englishman John Redfern birthed the blazer as a garment for men, yet its evolution over the years saw it seamlessly integrated into the female wardrobe, mirroring the dynamic shifts in societal roles and fashion preferences.

A Tailored Transition: From Men's Domain to Women's Wear

Originally designed for men, the blazer transitioned into the realm of women's fashion during the 19th century. This metamorphosis reflected a changing societal landscape where women embraced more active and intense lifestyles, shunning the constraints of corsets for the comfort and style offered by the blazer.

Wartime Elegance: Practicality Meets Chic

The exigencies of World War II led women to don the attire of their absent husbands, resulting in a practical yet chic ensemble. Knee-length skirts and understated jackets became the emblem of resilience, embodying a practical elegance born out of necessity.

Post-War Dichotomy: Dior vs. Chanel

The post-war era witnessed a sartorial dichotomy embodied by Christian Dior and Coco Chanel. Dior championed a return to feminine silhouettes, marked by corseted waists, while Chanel advocated for an elegant yet practical suit for the affluent, active woman. This period marked a shift from wartime pragmatism to a pursuit of aesthetic allure.

Feminine Power Unleashed: 60s and Beyond

The 1960s witnessed a transformative phase for the suit, with designers like Courrèges and Yves Saint Laurent infusing it with a dynamic silhouette. The suit metamorphosed into a symbol of feminine power, transcending its utilitarian roots to become a potent statement of strength and authority.

Empowerment in the 80s: Bold Shoulders, Bold Women

The 1980s heralded the empowerment of women, epitomized by blazers adorned with oversized shoulder pads. This era celebrated the rise of the working woman—ambitious, powerful, and unapologetically elegant. The blazer became an emblem of glamour and sophistication, encapsulating the spirit of female empowerment.

Today's Blazers: Where Past Meets Present

Fast-forward to the present, and blazers retain their significance in the fashion landscape. At Vera Cox, our blazer collection pays homage to this rich history, seamlessly blending the essence of the past with contemporary styles. Beyond mere garments, our blazers symbolize a narrative of women's progress—a fusion of borrowed wartime elegance and the empowerment-driven designs of the 80s.

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