How soon will I receive my order from Vera Cox?

Shipping times vary according to the product, as we have several warehouses: in Italy, Europe and the USA. Check always the product description and at the check-out page before make your order.

The time taken for delivery is specified for each individual product, you can find it directly on the page of the product you purchased

Watches only (note: we need 2 TO 3 days to prepare your order)

Shipping 2-3 Business Days for Italy and Greece. 

How can I return the product I purchased?

If you encounter any problems with your purchased products, please contact our customer support:

  • via email
  • Instagram: veracoxshop
  • WhatsApp +30 697 57 10 740

To initiate a return, your product must meet these requirements:

  • It must be intact and in its original packaging.
  • The return must be requested within 14 days of delivery.
  • Email a photo of the receipt to info@veracox.com
  • Watches can be returned within 20 days

Can I cancel my order?

Once your order is placed, we started to worked on the process and it is not.possible to cancel the order. You can return the product once received.

How do I check the shipping status of my order?

Simply visit the "Track Your Order" page here, where you can find information about the status and location of your shipment.

Subsequently, simply enter the tracking code you received by e-mail in the box on the page, then click on "Track" and you will be shown all the information about your shipment

Can I pick up in store?

Yes, you csn pick up available items at the store.

Can you make adjustment to my clothes?

We make adjustment to items purchased in our store.

"My order is late"

Please, consider that we need 48 business hours to process your order and some of our products are drafted at the time of the order. Please, always check "track your order page" and shipping estinate time in the products description. In case of concern, please, do not hesitate to conract us.

"My order is lost in transit"

Contact us immediately in whatsapp / email

  • +30 697 57 10 740     
  • info@veracox.com

Send us a screenshoot of the page "trsck your order" that shows the lost in transit error. We will provide to locate the package or provide a refund.

Vera Cox

Our brand was established in Athens in 2022. We follow the motto 'From the women to the women' and are proud to be a Women-Business that strongly supports sustainability. A significant portion of our products is made on commission to align with our zero-waste policy. Size inclusive and esplorino gender-fluid fashion.

About Us

Our Values

At Vera Cox, we prioritize empowerment, inclusivity, and ethical sourcing for timeless elegance. Join a diverse community that values transparency and a customer-centric approach.

  • Quality over quantity is our mantra – invest in pieces that stand the test of time. 
  • Every decision positively impacts the world. 
  • Through collaboration with Sprouts, we plant a tree for each order, aligning fashion with environmental responsibility.